Wrestlemania 28, This is a Great Question about How to Watch Wrestlemania Shows Sunday Night? Biggest Events, largest Fan Waiting from Whole Around the world. People are waiting to Watch the Most wanted Games Online. Now How & Where to Watch Wrestlemania 28 Sunday Night Games Online PPV?

So, you want to watch WWE’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view event live Sunday night from Sun Life Stadium in Miami? The easiest, most traditional way is to order the pay-per view through your cable company for about $55 in standard definition and $65 for high-def.

It’s has a very clear explanation of how to do it. Take a look here.

There’s ordering info for AT&T, BrightHouse, Interactive Optimum, Charter Communications, Comcast/Xfinity, Cox Communications, DirecTV, DISH Network, Insight Digital Cable, Mediacom, Time Warner Cable and Verizon FIOS.

Of course, you can also watch the entire event live online at Wrestlemania 28 Highlights Here.

You first have to purchase the event—and obviously be logged into the video player at Wrestlemania 28 PPV from within their storefront. Once you’ve bought the event and completely logged in, you should see the Play Now button for the event.